Physical Education


We aim to develop the knowledge, skills, and capabilities necessary for your pupils' mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being now and in the future. Physical fitness and mental well-being are important parts of leading a healthier lifestyle. It teaches self-discipline and that to be successful you must work hard, show resilience, and be determined to believe that anything can be achieved. We are also committed to ensuring your school has the tools it needs to achieve.

"If positive attitudes and physical literacy levels don't increase, there's a likelihood the next generation will be less active, leading to poorer health and wellbeing outcomes. Therefore, there needs to be a collective and immediate effort to increase physical literacy levels, with providers focussed on giving all children and young people positive experiences based on fun and building confidence."

Active Lives Children and Young People Survey Academic Year 2020-21 Report


To elevate Physical Education standards, many providers focus too narrowly on popular sports, overlooking the importance of the building blocks of physical literacy. Many pre-packaged PE schemes do not match pupils' abilities and understanding. We aim to collaborate with schools, developing a holistic strategy that transforms staff and pupils' approach to physical education and physical activity. The goal is to foster enjoyment, understanding, and access. Enjoyment sparks enthusiasm, understanding unlocks potential, and access encourages skill development in and out of school. At Evergreen Active we ensure your physical education strategy is sustainable, aligning with school-wide goals for increased engagement and staff skill enhancement through our targeted curriculum. By addressing learning gaps and involving staff and pupils in planning, we aim to improve curriculum coherence and outcomes. Physical education becomes a tool for changing attitudes towards movement, encouraging healthier, happier lives.


Our curriculum is designed to provide a profound and stable foundation of learning for your pupils. We have delineated distinct learning areas for each stage of a child's educational development. The method of content delivery must facilitate pupils' consolidation of their knowledge, understanding, and skills.

We collaborate with schools to tailor a curriculum that is ambitious, challenging, and directly relevant to your specific educational setting. We are convinced that involving staff and pupils in the curriculum development process fosters a deeper appreciation and understanding of the educational objectives.

Our curriculums consistently emphasize the importance of retrieval, repetition, and refinement, aiming to equip pupils with the ability to quickly recall information, and repeatedly practice and hone their skills until they achieve confidence and competence. This approach effectively addresses challenges where pupils might struggle with skills, allowing them the necessary time to understand and overcome these hurdles.

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Our curriculum presents challenges, yet it is differentiated to cater to the needs of all pupils, including those capable of working at greater depth, emerging learners, and those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The content is carefully sequenced to build upon previous learning, thereby ensuring continuous progress. Our curriculum offers a clear outline of the expected knowledge and skills pupils should acquire at various stages of their educational journey. Below is a list of all the expected knowledge and skills.



  • High-Quality PE Lessons
  • Planning Maps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Pupil Assessment and Reporting


  • Boxercise Programme
  • Breakfast, Lunch & After School Clubs
  • Intervention Programmes
  • Whole School Engagement Days
  • Competitions & Festivals
  • Fundraising Opportunities


  • Teacher and PE Coordinator Training
  • PE Audit & Inspection
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