Settee to 3k – Bringing communities together through running

Friendship, community spirit and support – three things we all crave. Add to this list
benefits to your physical and mental health, and it’s win-win. Why our Settee to 3K
course could be just what you are looking for

Paula Appleton with Craig Smith (CRS Editorial)
26 January 2021

This last year has been a testing one for us all, though here at Family Fit UK we like to focus
on the positives; the areas in which we can make a difference to the people who matter the
most – you! The physical and mental health benefits derived from regular physical activity
are well documented, so when sessions specifically for beginners to running and for those
wishing to improve their technique and performance were created, it was little wonder people
went searching for their pens en masse to sign up.
It is one thing for us to extol the virtues of Settee to 3K, but another thing entirely for you to
ensure it ticks all of your boxes. What follows are motivations why our attendees return time
and again, and reasons we hope will encourage you to come and join in the fun.

What is Settee to 3K?
Riding on the coat tails of the hugely popular Couch to 5K, we channel this energy and
engender a local feel to proceedings. We believe anybody should be able to join in,
irrespective of fitness level or ability, and therefore help people to achieve their targets.
Settee to 3K offers a manageable, professional, safe and educated running course that
progresses at the speed you feel comfortable with.
Operating the course in small face-to-face groups with like-minded people has instilled a real
community spirit and sense of togetherness. As England Athletics qualified instructors, we
tailor our sessions to you, ensuring your personality shines through in an alliance of learning
and fun. What else would you expect from an organisation whose ethos is ‘if you don’t enjoy
it, you’re not going to continue to do it’!

More about the course
Settee to 3K is for those who would like to start running but don’t want to go it alone. If you
have run before and wish to recommence, our course can also help you regain your stride.
As part of our friendly and supportive sessions, we are qualified to be able to offer advice on
your technique and performance, all the while ensuring you run at your own pace.
The Settee to 3K course is an eight-week programme, with each session lasting one hour.
Many graduates from our course go on to form their own friendship groups and are excited
at what they have achieved with us, progressing from being inactive to running 5K, 10K and
even half marathon events!

What’s included?
The course includes:
 Correct warm-ups and cool-downs
 Technique training
 Advice on nutrition and healthy eating
 Strength and fitness exercises
 Additional free meet-ups
 A Facebook Messenger support chat group
 A FREE Finisher Running Fit t-shirt
 Lots of fun!

The last year has taught us all not to take things for granted, and the same should apply to
our physical and mental health. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and would love to see you
at our future sessions.

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​Are you interested in finding out more? We would love to hear from you.
You can contact Paula Appleton on 07948 623270 or at [email protected]
Andy Freeman can be contacted on 07413 565948 or at [email protected]

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to engage your local communities in increased
physical activity and improved health and well-being? If so, let’s chat.


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