Walking to Wellness – Ruth’s Story

Ruth’s thoughts on joining Walking Fit

I joined walking fit in September 2019. I pondered over the group for about a month before I joined, I was a little worried as I didn’t know anyone.

When I actually plucked up the courage to join, I soon realised just how friendly this group were. It’s true what they say ‘ no one is ever left behind’.

Why Walking for Wellness?

I needed to start walking for health issues with the veins in my legs, this group has certainly helped me overcome these health issues, plus also making some lovely friendships too. The group is not just good for fitness health it’s also good for mental health, giving me the chance to chat to others, there is definitely always someone to listen to your worries, or someone to give advice.

The last 12 months, I have really missed being able to get together with this lovely group, I’m looking forward to when it can start again.

Ruth J ~ Ossett

Walking Fit was founded in 2016 and is for anyone who would love to get more active in great company!

All levels & new members are always warmly welcomed & nobody is ever left behind.
Walking is a fantastic way to improve physical fitness and mental health well being with many additional health benefits, especially in recovery from Covid-19.

For more information about when our free weekly meets in Ossett will resume in 2021 – or you would like help setting up a Walking Fit Group in your area – please visit our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/WalkingFitWestYorkshire or contact Paula here https://evergreenactive.co.uk/our-team/#contact-paula

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